Porting BBC BASIC from Tatung Einstein

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Porting BBC BASIC from Tatung Einstein

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As I am sure some of you are aware, the version of BASIC written for the BBC Micro back in the early 80s was one of the best around. Though the machine itself is 6502 based, it had the capability of being expanded with a Z80 processor, and as such BBC BASIC V4 was ported over to Z80. Anyway, BBC BASIC has more recently also been ported to both CP/M (without graphics and sound capabilities but with a setup file to allow configuration of these functions) and to a small number of classic Z80 machines and may be freely distributed subject to details on their web site. One of the machines is an obscure micro called the Tatung Einstein. That machine is very similar to a NABU, possibly even more so than MSX machines are - it runs XtalDOS, which is a CP/M clone, has 64K RAM, same sound chip, PAL version of the TMS9918A (the TMS9928A) etc. Does anyone with more competence than me fancy taking on porting this over?

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Re: Porting BBC BASIC from Tatung Einstein

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I did that already. Look on the nabu.ca website on the cloud cpm page to find a list of programs in different user areas. I want to say it’s in user area 3? I haven’t used nabu in a few months so not sure - you’d have to check
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