Don Sawyer's Reflections of NABU

Stories, pictures, and artifacts from the O.G. NABU Rockstar, Leo
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Don Sawyer's Reflections of NABU

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Don Sawyer was one of the first NABU employees and Engineers. I met him more than once, because he was at the Outback on Richmond Road, with the rest of us grunts.

He wrote a very realistic view of the market for NABU in 1983.

Sadly Don died last year before we started all of this: ... kay-sawyer

So here is his reflection of NABU, shortly before he left, graciously provided by Warren Belkin:
Reflections on my Final Days at Nabu .pdf
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Re: Don Sawyer's Reflections of NABU

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Thank you for sharing.

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Re: Don Sawyer's Reflections of NABU

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Interesting read. The 1980's was a very innovative and competitive time. Thanks for sharing.
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Re: Don Sawyer's Reflections of NABU

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I have to agree. Making a very high speed communications box for all computers would have been more useful to the public than yet another computer system. Imagine a BBS where you can download files at 6 megabits rather than 2400 bits per second.
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