NABU PC - MAME (NABU Alternate Builds) Linux etc

The MAME NABU Emulator originally created by BriJohn
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NABU PC - MAME (NABU Alternate Builds) Linux etc

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Collection of my NABUPC MAME Builds for alternative platforms.

It all started with the goal of creating a relocatable "AppImage" - presently targeted at the Steam Deck!.

So I compiled up a couple of "Linux" binaries of the NABUPC-MAME. I was then asked if I could compile for some other related platforms - and here it is.

All currently hosted on my GitHub/ontheslab

Base Linux Build using GTAMP's Windows ( release Files and compiled from "brijohn's" source code (

Please see "readme.linux" and "readme.gtamp" for details.

Linux Builds are located here:

AppImage Builds are located here:

Hope you find them useful. Very keen on getting AppImage - "Steam Deck" feedback.
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