About Production Dave and the Nabu-Games.

The author of CPM Tetris and Snake.
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About Production Dave and the Nabu-Games.

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A little about me so y'all know.

I am not a professional software developer. Anyone looking through my code will soon know that to be a fundamental truth. That doesn't stop me from having a go though.

I have a full time day job working in Cloud Infrastructure Engineering and so working on retro projects like this one are my hobby.

I have assembled a 6502 Breadboard computer that runs a TMS9918a and an AY-3-8910 along with a PS2 keyboard. That project has been an on-again-off-again project for the better part of a year now. I have working versions of Snake and Tetris written in 6502 assembly and running reliably on that breadboard PC.

When I started working with the NABU-LIB C Library it seemed natural to port those two games over to the NABU. Same graphics and audio to get me started. Over time, I have refined and improved the C Version of the games and am pleased to see people demoing them on their YouTube channels and having fun.

So what's next then - well quite a lot actually. I recently released version 2.2 of the games with framebuffer support which required some back and forth with DJSures (the author of NABU-LIB) by email. I am happy to know that the next time I need to collaborate with him on features, I can do so in this forum.

So here is a short backlog for Tetris - in rough order... #SubjectToChange

  • Align scoring system with the BPS Version from 1988. This seemed simplest to implement.
  • Correct with of the playfield. It's time to bring the playfield back to 10 cells wide. The current 12 cell width has a significant effect on making the game easier to play.
  • Correct starting orientation of the Tetronimos
  • Correct rotation states for the Tetronimos
  • Save High Scores
  • Wall Kicks - rules on how to reposition the Tetronimo if rotation would be obstructed by a wall.
  • We are looking at targeting an additional hardware platform soon.

I will start another post when I am ready to put the call out to testers. I should like to share pre-release versions of the game to testers who will provide feedback on things like visual elements, audio, user input and playability.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a look at the other topics in this forum and lets get threading.

Rock On!
~ Production Dave
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Re: About Production Dave and the Nabu-Games.

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Welcome to the forum, Dave! Happy to keep working with you to see what else you come up with :D Let's make NABULIB even better together!
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Re: About Production Dave and the Nabu-Games.

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Pros are overrated. Enthusiam rules! Glad your here, I like your games and look forward to conversing with you on how to make more.

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