DIY F18a alternative

Render Eng's F18 alternative for 80 column display and higher graphic modes
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Re: DIY F18a alternative

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UPDATE: I flashed the V2 bitstream to the Tang Nano 9K and I noticed the following changes:

- on power up, the top 5 LED are always on
- I still get a black screen. When power cycling the TV, for a fraction of a second the expected test screen is shown and then goes black
- this suggests to me that everything is working as correctly.

I wish the firmware had better compatibility with TV's that are picky about standards compliance. I'm sure this will work great with a PC HDMI monitor that can show any signal you toss at it, but if you're testing using a Sony/Samsung/other standards enforcing TV, it might not work for you.
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Re: DIY F18a alternative

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Try using one of these: ... B07DFWW8NC

It re-encodes the signal to a compliant hdmi

regarding the tang, did you set the jumper correctly ? you need jumper 3 and jumper 4 closed.

The v2 is for the V2 board, it has audio. Did you build the v1 ? you can check the vga if is working.

can you post pictures of your board ?
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