Rules & Etiquette (please read first!)

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Rules & Etiquette (please read first!)

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Welcome to the NABU.CA forum, where individual projects are organized in discussion categories. Project authors and members use the categories to discuss updates, bugs, usability, new features, etc...

Forum Etiquette
1) Be a good human! Leave your ego at the door and practice humility. Treat people on this forum as you wish to be treated. For example, ask nicely when you want something and thank people when you get it - simple Sesame Street rules. If someone creates something and you use/value it, thank them for their efforts, and people will do the same to you.

2) The forum is to host only development, support, and bug report discussions and no general, drama, or unrelated topics. The only non-project-related category is Leo's Tales, where Leo can share NABU artifacts, photos, and stories, so people can also talk to Leo and ask questions.

3) For People who wish to have arguments or be rude or short with users, we suggest you use Discord or Facebook group. For "general chit-chat," use the RetroNET chat.

4) If you started a new NABU-related project, you can ask us to create a category for their project in the Forum Support & New Project category. We can remove their project category if we do not see any development. The project must have at least something to show for it before we create a category, such as code, schematic, or working binaries.

Forum Categories/Sections/Topics
The forum categories organize threads based on active projects. Please post in the appropriate category for your issue/comment/appreciation/etc. We’re using the forum to host support & questions for all NABU-related projects.

We can add categories for new projects as the author requests in the Forum Support & New Project category. For example, someone who does a new project can ask us to create a topic category. However, they must demonstrate the progress of an active project by having published code, a usable binary, or a schematic. To maintain clutter, we don't add projects for ideas, only for projects with active momentum.

Message from Leo & DJ
We're both excited to have a place where NABU projects can be discussed and users can obtain project support. Our goal is to provide a supportive and positive environment where honest and kind community members work together for the future of NABU projects. With several ongoing projects, we created this forum to prevent duplicate development efforts by allowing creators to discuss and share their plans to maintain compatibility. Particular discussions for compatibility involve maintaining the RetroNET application protocol that extends the existing NABU commands, new software (games, utilities, etc.), hardware, organization of Cloud CP/M drives, and NABULIB—contributions.

We hope you are also excited to participate in the combined effort dedicated to maintaining the trajectory that the original NABU Manufacturing Corporation set for us. A computer whose initial development began in 1979 to connect the world! The vision of network connectivity makes the NABU Computer unique; we will continue to honor its legacy.

What fuels us?
It is exciting that the NABU is receiving so much attention after being a secret for many years. It wasn't a secret because the founders wanted it to be; the company didn't have a large enough reach or make a big enough splash to be known outside of Ottawa, Canada. Leo Binkowski was employed at NABU as a teenager and is responsible for games such as PAC-MAC, Miner 2049, and Dig Dug. DJ Sures' family were founding members of the company, his uncles, John Bobak and Howard Sures, and his father, Ron Sures. Because of our personal relationship with the NABU, we have a strong passion that fuels our effort to continue the legacy. This NABU Forum is essential because it is where kind-hearted and honest people can celebrate NABU without the risk of criminal activity or scams, which are prevalent in retro-computing hobbies. Because this is a hobby for everyone, given the outdated computer is 40 years old, we encourage everything to be free or priced appropriately. We believe that if someone enjoys the hobby, they value their time and contributions with enjoyment, not monetarily.

Can I sell on here?
The previous paragraph is an interlude toward our opinion of classified and advertising on this forum. It is okay to post something for sale as long as it is reasonably priced and does not appear that you are running a business and exploiting other hobbyists. If your retro-computing product is a business, we encourage you to use marketing and promotions to attract customers, not abuse your community membership to exploit other hobbyists. If you have created a hardware component and priced it accordingly (i.e., the cost of goods assembled), we welcome that behavior and encourage more. If you have pre-owned NABU-related items for sale, you may post them in the classified section.

Can I pay to advertise my business products here?
RetroNET and the NABU Preservation group are not a corporate identity. Therefore, we do not accept paid promotions for solicitation.
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